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Leicester is a thriving, melting pot of student life thanks to its two big universities – De Montfort University and University of Leicester.

As you’d expect, quality student accommodation is a hot commodity, especially for those students preparing for their first experiences of private accommodation, saying goodbye to the convenience student halls.

With the lead-up to the 2022/20223 academic year, we’ve put together some classic tips to help to make your communal student property tick all the right boxes

Student property fundamentals

If you have a multiple-bedroom property that could accommodate a number of students, keep in mind the balance between privacy and the communal nature of the household.

Make sure things like the locks on bedrooms are secure, there’s plenty of cupboard storage in the kitchen, and perhaps have multiple fridges and freezers so people can have their own food storage areas.

Placing L-shaped settees and sofas into the property also means you can get more people seated in a smaller area. It’s important to provide enough seating space and it's often overlooked.

As a landlord, this advice will really help you get the basics sorted for your shiny new student house.

Benefits of a minor and major renovation

These are just some of the ways you can improve your property and get it student-ready. Your budget  is entirely up to, but it could also be wise to go down the full renovation route, and really go to town.

That way your property not only looks modern, but provides everything a student will need. Students want comfort and quality these days.

Committing to renovating certain areas or the whole house  will allow you to get a better return on your investment. You can target different types of tenants and hopefully, raise the monthly rent accordingly.

Bringing students to your door

It’s a competitive market and it’s an area that Sky Blue Homes excels at. But why should a student pick accommodation from Sky Blue Homes?

Well, sit right there and we’ll tell you.

Thanks to Leicester’s reasonable size (in that it’s not a sprawling metropolis or a tiny town) many properties are an acceptable commute to both universities and their various campuses, while some are even closer.

Sky Blue Homes has a line-up of properties that cater for all student needs and requirements. From communal, multiple-bedroomed domiciles ideal for groups (great if you want to live with a load of your friends), to smaller one or two-bedroom if you want a quieter time.

At Sky Blue Homes we offer the following essentials to ensure we grab the attention of students:

1. Fully-furnished properties

Because we support and actively encourage our landlords to fully-furnish their properties that are aimed at students, it means they are massively enticing propositions.

It’s the perfect option for the many students who won’t be bringing their own furniture from home or their previous student halls accommodation.

2. Physical office front

Because we’re not a fly-by-night company without any history, and the fact we have a physical store front people can visit – ensures we build instant trust with whoever we deal with. That friendly face at the end of a transaction is very important.

It's something online-only brands can’t guarantee.

3. Virtual Tours

We provide anyone interested in a property all the mod cons, that means someone can peruse a property virtually at their leisure on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

4. 48-week Contracts

Our 48-week contracts take into account official university holidays and breaks, so the student only pays for the time they’re actually using the property, and not when they're back home for the holidays.

5. No hidden fees

With Sky Blue Homes there are no hidden fee, it's the way we prefer to do business. There's no scary extra costs that haven’t been highlighted form the beginning - it’s complete transparency and students certainly appreciate this approach.

If you’re a landlord that’s thinking about going down the student accommodation route for the first time, get in touch with the Sky Blue Homes team – call 0116 254 8107 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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