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The city council has outlined an approach involving more council house building, acquiring vacant properties, and working with partners involved in bringing forward Extra Care and supported living schemes as a way to create much-needed housing, with a £150m investment.

It also looks at potential development sites for inclusion in future local plans.

As a landlord it's worth keeping in mind this likely to help stimulate the rental market further, and encourage greater movement within the market, rather than taking valuable potential tenants away from private rents.

The work is part of the council’s commitment to deliver 1,500 new council, social and extra care homes by 2027. The report detailing the work goes to the council’s housing scrutiny committee at the end of this month.

Work is already underway on a number of schemes to create desperately-needed housing stock, to meet the city’s growing need for decent-quality homes.

The first phase of house-building work has already seen sites redeveloped in the Crown Hills, Humberstone, Netherhall, Abbey and Beaumont Leys areas.

More than 270 further newbuild homes are already in the pipeline by 2025/6 at sites including the former Saffron Lane velodrome, Stocking Farm, Lanesborough Road, the former school site at the Newry in Southfields and the site of the former Forest Lodge Education Centre in New Parks.

Hundreds of existing homes could also be acquired to provide quality affordable homes and social housing between now and 2026/7, using a combination of funding methods, including Right to Buy Receipts, Home England funding and bids for cash from the Government’s Levelling Up programme.

One such scheme is the Zip Building, in Rydal Street, West End, which will transform the former student accommodation block into 58 one-bedroomed flats.

It is hoped that the former bus depot at Abbey Park Road and a site at Loughborough Road will both be redeveloped as housing, while additional Extra Care and supported living homes are due to be developed at sites including former Exchange at Eyres Monsell.

Some of the proposed developments outlined in the report are dependent on the adoption of the latest Local Plan, which sets out the council’s vision and objectives for growth of the city over the coming years.

If the proposals were to all be delivered they would enable the creation of around 1,500 much-needed affordable homes.

Leicester assistant city mayor for housing and neighbourhoods, Cllr Elly Cutkelvin, said: “We’ve set out an ambitious programme of creating new housing in order to try to meet the city’s urgent housing needs.

“Building new council houses to replace those lost to the Right to Buy scheme over the last few decades is an essential part of that, as well as bringing other existing buildings into use as accommodation.

“New homes have already been completed at some sites and work is underway at others. The opportunities presented in the latest local plan would enable us to meet our commitment to creating additional homes.

Image shows the proposed Lanesborough Road scheme.

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