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As a landlord, whether you have a single property or you're more of a ‘professional’ landlord with multiple properties, you will already be aware of the amount of work it takes to keep those properties fit for purpose, legislation-compliant and making sure they continue to be a source of income with tenants.

The regular monthly rent a landlord receives may well be their primary source of income, or it might serve as an additional income that supplements a full-time wage, or it’s used essentially as a pension plan. Having a regular income is the biggest plus over going all the way and selling a property out right.

If you're a landlord that has been managing your property yourself, or you’re thinking about becoming a buy-to-let landlord for the first time, using a lettings and property management agent helps guarantee that monthly income and give your property or properties the best exposure.

Sky Blue Homes is a Leicester-based company that provides everything you need to market and manage your property, reducing the annoying parts, and freeing-up time so you can do other things - have holidays abroad or weekend breaks on a whim.

What becoming part of an outsourced, lettings and property management service like Sky Blue Homes means for you:

Fast tenant-finding

We'll strive to get you the best and most reliable tenants, using our 15 years' experience and high-quality marketing to present your property to the highest standard. Sky Blue Homes also offers virtual tours of its properties, allowing 'virtual' remote viewing - ideal for people who time is of a premium or that have concerns about social distancing and Covid-19.

Prospective tenants also go through rigorous checks of their previous rental history, as well as credit checks. If they don't have any prior rental history we will ask them to provide a UK home-owner reference as a guarantor - so you'll have total peace of mind of who we put in your property.

Stable, regular income

A high priority for us is once we have a tenant in a dwelling is to make sure they stay there for as long as possible by providing great customer service. We also ensure your property is re-advertised quickly in the lead-up and start of a property becoming vacant, so it’s available for the shortest time possible. This means uninterrupted periods of income from rent 99% of the time.

Better life balance

As a Sky Blue Homes landlord you no longer have to worry about finding tenants, chasing-up and collecting rent and the general management of your property. That means you have more free time for your family and to do the things you enjoy. No stress, no hassle – just simply embrace life and have fun.

Want to go travelling for a month or two or even longer? Well with us handling the full lettings and management process you can. Just forget about it all and head off for new adventures.

The Sky Blue Homes way

Last, but not least, signing-up to Sky Blue Homes means you become part of a dedicated community of professional, like-minded landlords and industry experts sharing a clear vision and fresh, new ideas. It's a far better position to be in than being more isolated when 'you're going it alone' and handling every aspect of letting your property yourself.


If you're interested in letting us take on your property, find out more information on our website, call  0116 254 8107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For a free valuation of your property, head over to our valuation page, fill in the details and we'll get straight back to you.   


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