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With winter well and truly here, it’s important that as a landlord you’re diligent and make sure the pipes in your property are adequately protected. So if you’re keeping an eye on things and 'staying frosty', then it's less likely your pipes will be.

Now is the perfect time to get the pipework in your property ready for winter before that tipping point where the cold weather becomes freezing weather.

Many don’t realise that water companies like Severn Trent are only responsible for external water pipes, while the responsibility of the internal pipes within a property boundary actually falls on the homeowner.

Water pipes often have a tough time with the extremes of temperature in the winter. When water freezes it expands, this, along with the temperature rising again exposes pipes and joints to extra pressure, causing them to split and the joints to buckle.


Handy tips to get your household pipes winter-ready:

  • Use good quality waterproof foam lagging from most DIY stores to get pipework, fittings and storage tanks in unheated areas (such as lofts, roofs, outbuildings and garages) securely insulated and ready for low temperatures.
  • For taps that are outside, the trick is to either insulate them or drain them down to the pipework that links to the tap.
  • For peace of mind you can call out a registered plumber to give your home’s pipes the once over, so that all is lagged properly and any gaps are filled.

If you’re in a hard-hit area for burst water pipes, you can also get the lagging and insulation foam for free from Severn Trent Water.

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