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It is a landlord’s responsibility to make sure the property they’re renting out is safe and in a fit-for-purpose condition for their tenants. But, that doesn’t mean a tenant can’t be vigilant for any potential problems developing and generally doing their bit too.

Now spring has sprung it’s a great opportunity to provide some handy tips on how to keep your home looking good, and pre-empting any future issues. The change of season and the temperature increase is an ideal time to have a look around the property and see whether the harsh winter months have caused any issues.

Roofing and guttering

During the long winter months, a property’s roof and guttering will likely have to endure storms, strong winds, rain, not to mention heavy snow too. It’s worth having a look around – especially if the landlord hasn’t had the opportunity to do it themselves.

When you do this you can see if there any ease to see loose roof tiles and check the ground directly around the house to see if there's any tiles that have completely fell off. You can also check that the guttering is stable and secure, and there aren't any sections that are leaking.

Plumbing and pipes

Taps naturally ware over time and use – whether it’s the chrome dulling and developing limescale, or broken washers. Double check if there’s any major dripping from taps in the kitchen or bathroom.

Keeping on top of your domestic waste

Make sure your rubbish is ready to be collected on your allotted waste collection day. Allowing bin bags to build up is not only unsightly, but it can be a big draw for vermin such as rats. Keep the outside bin area tidy and make sure traditional rubbish goes in the bins, while all recycling goes into the correct bin or orange recycling bags.

Damp and mould

Winter, with the inclination of keeping windows closed, and drying clothes indoors makes the chance of condensation build-up and mould appearing much greater. A couple of simple measures to follows so they’re less issues in spring are:

  • Avoid drying wet clothes on radiators or other heaters in the property
  • Seal off steam in rooms – for example after a bath, shower or cooking to stop condensation spreading
  • Ensure that all extractor fans are on and not blocked and air the property as much as possible where it is safe to do so

We’ve put together a blog focusing on mould and condensation, the advice is aimed at landlords, but is just as relevant to tenants. You can find the blog here.

Front and back garden/yard

Refer to your tenancy agreement to make sure that you are up to speed with what areas of the garden/outside space require your maintenance and attention. Get in contact to report any structural issues to paving, walls and fences to ensure that they remain safe.

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