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With the weather cooling, but still mild enough for work outside to be carried out, as well as the end of the growing season – now is an ideal time to make sure a property’s garden is cut back and fortified for the harsh weather ahead.

So whether it’s doing it yourself, or hiring professional landscape gardeners, Sky Blue Homes recommends taking this golden opportunity to inspect the following if you don’t already.

Trees and hedges

It can be surprising just how much nature goes into overdrive during the Spring and summer months – the growing season generally being between March and October of the year.

Turn your back on a garden for even a moment during this period and weeds will have taken a foothold, the lawn will be on its way to being overgrown (however tenants should be expected to keep on top of this) and later down the line – hedges and tress may well have started to encroach too far in certain areas, while tree canopies might be in danger of blocking out valuable sunlight.

Have a look around the garden (front and back if the property has both) and see if anything needs cutting back or managing - from hedges and ground-level bushes and trees, to things that are higher up. You might need a tree surgeon or landscape gardener that specialises in this area.

Overgrown trees can present a major problem when storms and high winds hit, especially if they’ve become close to windows or there’s overhang above outhouses, conservatories, garages or parking areas where vehicles are usually kept.


This time of year is literally the calm before the storm and its definitely worth checking over the fences, trellis’ and decking of the property in question. Make sure that these and any other wooden constructions you  might have are up to the task of withstanding winter winds and rain – especially if they’re older and have endured many season changes .

The fence panels may need replacing, along with the concrete posts and gravel boards. Any of this can be replaced and it is definitely a good idea to bolster in preparation for the autumn and winter.

Local tree surgeons, fence specialists and landscape gardeners

Here’s a short list of businesses in the local area to consider, however we advise shopping around to get the price and company that best meets your particular needs:

Direct Fencing

Beaver Treework

The Leicester Landscaping Company

Hunter Tree Care

Property Portals