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We all like to be kept in the know and that's doubly so for landlords in a private rental sector where knowing what’s what is paramount. But in a constantly changing sector staying informed and understanding it is easier said than done.

A recent industry survey has revealed just how hard it can be for self-managed landlords across the UK to keep up, with results showing that around a quarter of landlords are left confused by the specifics.

The government finally unveiled its Levelling-Up white paper recently and we got to see more specifics of its overall aim to increase prosperity and quality of living in the country.

What’s clear is that the private rental market is set for a major shake-up in the coming months and years. 

Whether you’re new to the buy-to-let sector or you’re a more experienced landlord with multiple properties in your portfolio, there are key metrics you should be keeping an eye on. 

Ultimately, if you’re watchful of the market overall as well, you’ll then be able to make better decisions about your individual properties, portfolio as a whole and those investments that need careful thought.

Now's the ideal time to talk about the importance of carbon monoxide alarms, when a home’s central heating, fire and stove are used the most frequently.

The discussion is more prevalent now after the recent government announcement that carbon monoxide alarms should now not only be fitted in rooms of a  private rental property that has any kind of fuel-burning appliance but additionally gas boilers, gas fires and gas stoves as well.

We’ve mentioned before in a previous blog how a fully-furnished property is often a very attractive option for potential tenants (A fully-furnished property makes sense). It means you can boost your return on investment by positioning the rent at a higher rate.

In particular, home appliances is an area where you can provide tenants with the allure of modern and reliable choices.

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