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Leicester has always been a hotbed of culinary delights when it comes to eating out, with a diverse line-up of eateries for every culture and palate. Recently several new places have opened up in Leicester, hoping to reinvigorate people’s appetites after a bitter period of lockdowns.

Sky Blue Homes reveals the new places we’re most excited about.

With the weather cooling, but still mild enough for work outside to be carried out, as well as the end of the growing season – now is an ideal time to make sure a property’s garden is cut back and fortified for the harsh weather ahead.

So whether it’s doing it yourself, or hiring professional landscape gardeners, Sky Blue Homes recommends taking this golden opportunity to inspect the following if you don’t already.

Since 2005 Sky Blue Homes has been providing a market-leading lettings and property management service in Leicester, supporting the landlord community and meeting the private rental demand for tenants across the city.

Now In our 16th year, we wanted to highlight 5 top reasons why we’re the best local firm at what we do.

Recent industry figures suggest tenants are willing to pay extra when it comes to their monthly rent if properties come already furnished.

So the time is right to highlight some of Sky Blue Home's favourite high street retailers  - in terms of overall quality and financial costs –  so you can get your property partially or fully-furnished, and ready to earn a better return on your investment.

For landlords, long-term tenants - are usually the ones you can quietly rely on. Those tenants that have gone well past their original rental agreement and now on a rolling contract and they’re probably your most punctual tenants when it comes to their monthly rent payments.

They rarely make complaints to you or the lettings agency, and respectfully keep themselves to themselves.

But it’s important not to end up accidentally neglecting these very tenants.

*Article updated 11 April 2023

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