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As lockdown restrictions ease significantly with the arrival of 'Freedom Day',  galleries, museums and the hospitality sector as a whole is ready to fling open its doors once again.

Whether you’re new to Leicester or a veteran of the area, now is the perfect time to re-discover what Leicester has to offer and its main attractions.

Unlike the colder months when doors and windows are kept firmly closed, the springtime and summer seasons means open windows, while entrances into the garden like French doors or conservatories begin to used more often. 

After a tough winter that saw two named storms in Dudley and Eunice wreck havoc across the UK this year (February '22) – now's the time to look over the condition of brickwork, roofing, guttering and garden fences properly. The improving weather provides that ideal period to give the property a thorough evaluation. *ARTICLE UPDATED APRIL 2022

"Stronger. Together." That’s the philosophy of Sky Blue Homes when it comes to supporting the local community, and truly giving something back. 

Sky Blue Homes has joined forces with the Greggs Foundation and we’re now one of the list of official supporters of the Breakfast Club scheme that aims to give school children across the country the best possible start to the day. 

It is a landlord’s responsibility to make sure the property they’re renting out is safe and in a fit-for-purpose condition for their tenants. But, that doesn’t mean a tenant can’t be vigilant for any potential problems developing and generally doing their bit too.

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