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A recent online petition calling for pets to be allowed in private rental properties in the UK has gained thousands of signatures.

Carried on the Petition Parliament website, the petition has been raised by Hannah Bennett. In it she states the petition's main thrust as: “I’d like the government to prevent discrimination of tenants and potential tenants with pets, including by preventing landlords from including a ‘no pets allowed’ clause in tenancy agreements."

According to insurance company HomeLet, its latest monthly index indicates that the East Midlands has seen an increase of some 3.8 per cent on the average monthly rent in the region from the same time last year.

Monthly rent has increased from £653 in September 2019, to £678 in the same month this year, showing landlords and property experts that the rental sector in the region remains vibrant.

Recently announced by the government, what has been dubbed as the Christmas eviction ‘truce’, will be upheld between December 11 and January 11.

During this 4-week window, agents will not be able to instruct bailiffs to carry out evictions in areas that are in local lockdowns such as parts of Leicester city.

20 September saw landlords breathe a sigh of relief as the six-month tenant eviction ban finally came to an end, with the courts gearing-up to tackle the inevitable backlog.

Although the eviction ban has significantly helped renters who where experiencing financial difficulty, at the same time, landlords have been left powerless to take action against renters committing domestic abuse or making the lives of fellow tenants or neighbours wretched.

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