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According to a recent study by Smart Energy GB, around two thirds of tenants believe they could find it difficult to meet the cost of energy bills this winter, while almost the same number say the same when paying the rent on their homes

The study revealed that overall, almost half of renters who responded said they were worried about how they will pay their bills, with many adding that mental health was at stake.

Conversely, Smart Energy GB have said a key factor emerging from the results showed that just under half of renters think landlords could be doing more to help. Indeed, 46 per cent suggested that if landlords made properties more energy efficient then energy bills could be tackled with greater ease.

Some 28 per cent of renters don’t feel their landlord supports them enough when it comes to managing their energy use, with 85 per cent of renters feeling that their property is not as energy efficient as it could be and that a current lack of energy efficient measures in place making their energy costs even higher.

Based on the study renters also appear to feel their landlords should insulate properties (73 per cent), deal with drafts (54 per cent), upgrade boilers (45 per cent) and install double glazing (44 per cent) to improve the energy efficiency of a property.

Additionally, 67 per cent of tenants believe a smart meter installation would help them get better energy costs and thus enable them to manage their finances better.

Kate Faulkner, founder of Propertychecklists who back the survey explained: “A great first starting point for landlords in terms of helping their tenants to take energy saving steps is to arrange for a smart meter installation, if they are the bill payer. Or if their tenant is the bill payer, to empower them to request a smart meter installation.

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