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While the government proceeds with its roadmap for moving on out of lockdown, welcome news arrives with the revision of the official guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities.

Towns that have what are considered the UK’s top tier of universities (Russel Group universities) – can demand the highest rents but yields in general are disappointing.

Based on a survey from UniHomes, returns from a property nearby to 24 Russell Group institutions average £296 per week.

The repercussions of what happens if a tenant is caught illegally subletting a property has been brought into stark contrast recently in a London-based case.

Renting a four-bedroom flat from a landlord in 2017, Sonia Nascimento went on to sublet it to other tenants for a profit In a blatant disregard to the processes and law.

In a recent article from the BBC, Howard Dawber, head of strategy at Canary Wharf Group, has said he feels that’s exactly the position the office workforce of the UK is now in.

A Doha-based landlord with a property in Wales has been punished for failing to ensure gas appliances in his rental property met the legal maintenance requirements.

The property in question, based in Swansea and owned by landlord Tariq Shehadeh was evaluated in 2017 by inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive, revealing he had failed to have the gas appliances regularly inspected or maintained.

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