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According to leading housing market analyst Savils, there’s some credence to idea that the change to the Capital Gains Tax may in fact mean landlords pay out less when compared to what they pay currently.

Lucian Cook, head of research at Savills, pointed out in a recent blog that during the days when CGT and income tax were the same level, there was a form of relief for inflationary gains - in other words, CGT was not applied on all profits, only those in excess of one of the standard measures for inflation.

Last week saw further changes to the tenant eviction ban currently in place in the UK.

Now, possession cases with severe rent arrears will not be protected by the blanket eviction ban which applies to rent arrears connected to England’s national lockdown during the covid pandemic.

The experience of how good or bad an house-sharing is fundamentally rests on the inter-personal relationships between the tenants living together. Breakdowns in communication and trust can lead to problems with rent payment which has a knock-on effect for the landlord.

A new survey conducted by Barclays Money indicates on average, some tenants lost around £550 due to ‘nightmare housemates’ unable or refusing to meet their financial obligations when it comes to utility bills and rent.

An updated guide advising applicants how they can proceed with Green Homes Grant installations while still obeying Covid-19 safety protocol has been released.

Put together by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy the guide has been revised for post Covid-19 outbreak world and highlights how landlords and other applicants can handle Green Homes Grant Installations safely.

According to a new report from Simply Business, some one in 10 landlords plan to purchase properties and build their portfolio, compared to just 3% at the end of 2019.

The business insurance firm believes the new figures suggest landlords are keen to take advantage of the Chancellor’s stamp duty holiday introduced in July, despite the uncertainly of the original Covid-19 lockdown and the announcement of yet another one to begin next week.

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