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Redditch council recently notified landlords that they’ll receive fines of up to £30,000 if their property doesn’t hold a valid electrical safety certificate.

Private landlords are required by law to have a valid certificate before letting their properties, and to present it within seven days of a request by the local authority in question.

A story coming out of Scotland where a landlord was refused a lettings licence by a local council for not keeping fire safety alarm records highlights the importance of keeping up with legislations and paperwork when letting property.

Latest research highlights that some 80 per cent of would-be tenants have energy efficiency high on their agenda when it comes to choosing a property to live in.

The survey, undertaken by Direct Line business insurance identifies that a quarter wouldn’t rent it in the first place or would leave because of poor environmental standards.

Independent mortgage monitor Moneyfacts is lauding the notion that landlords could achieve better results if they allow pets, while admitting there are also some disadvantages.

Landlords may have to take out additional insurance, although it says they can mitigate this by pet-proofing the home, such as removing rugs and expensive furniture from the property.

A recent survey by Manor Interiors has revealed over a quarter of private rental tenants in the UK – some 26 per cent - would be more likely to view an already-furnished rental property.

Not only that, the responses to the survey also showed that another 26 per cent were more likely to choose a rental property that was furnished over one that wasn’t.

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