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A Doha-based landlord with a property in Wales has been punished for failing to ensure gas appliances in his rental property met the legal maintenance requirements.

The property in question, based in Swansea and owned by landlord Tariq Shehadeh was evaluated in 2017 by inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive, revealing he had failed to have the gas appliances regularly inspected or maintained.

The bailiff-enforced evictions ban for private rents has been extended once more, the government has announced.

With February 21 (the existing date for the ban to end) fast approaching it has been revealed that the ban has been extended further – until March 31.

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MPs have expressed concern that the Green Homes Grant initiative is going so slowly that it could be a decade before the take-up target of issuing vouchers to 600,000 homes is reached.

An online survey on the Green Homes Grant in November conducted by the EAC revealed only 1300 companies had registered with the Government’s approved installers for the scheme. 

Continuing to go all-in with its new model tenancy agreement, the government has included pet-friendly allowances to make things fairer for tenants.

Designed to counter landlords usual stance of a 'no-exception ban' on pets in their properties now, tenants with “well-behaved pets” will be able to get tenancy far more easily.

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