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20 September saw landlords breathe a sigh of relief as the six-month tenant eviction ban finally came to an end, with the courts gearing-up to tackle the inevitable backlog.

Although the eviction ban has significantly helped renters who where experiencing financial difficulty, at the same time, landlords have been left powerless to take action against renters committing domestic abuse or making the lives of fellow tenants or neighbours wretched.

We keep our landlords updated with a monthly newsletter, highlighting changes to government legislation and providing advice on landlord responsibilities. Our newsletter now has a brand-new look, but you can look through older editions in this archive - including various Covid-19 updates from earlier in 2020.

With a diverse portfolio of properties and over 15 years’ industry experience, Sky Blue Homes has built solid foundations and a customer-focused reputation.

Now, the company is looking to power through the uncertainty of a housing industry that’s been blindsided by the global pandemic, by adopting a 360° Virtual Tour service for its properties line-up.

Despite the obvious pressures caused by Coronavirus and the evictions ban that comes with it, latest figures suggest the private buy-to-let sector is in relatively rude health. 

The Vesta and Property Tribes-commissioned survey talked to nearly 160 landlords between June 23 and August 21. The feedback revealed that 35 per cent received a request from a tenant for a rent reduction or some kind of payment holiday connected to Covid-19.

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