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As you know 2 weeks ago the UK went into a 4-week national lockdown which has been dubbed lockdown 2.0. But the good news is the property industry is remaining to operate as close to 'normal' as is possible during these national restrictions, and that's exactly the same mindset that every member of the Sky Blue Homes team is in.

So the message from us is...

At Sky Blue Homes we believe the devil is in the detail and that’s why we pride ourselves in presenting and advertising properties to the highest possible standard and we follow this strict mantra regardless of whether it’s a 3-bedroom semi, or a studio flat.

The way we market a property is three-pronged – using a combination of professional photography, virtual tours and of keeping our finger on the pulse of the marketplace so rent amounts are the perfect balance of being competitive and providing landlords an excellent return on investment.

As the autumnal chill begins to descend it's a great time to prep your property or properties so they’re ready for your tenants to go through winter with confidence.

With help from the Deposits Protection Service, we’ve put together this 6-step guide that will help you get property-related jobs all wrapped-up for winter:

Of course, signing-up with a plumber or British Gas for boiler servicing every 12 months is a necessity, but it’s worth knowing there’s some easy ways to ensure your home’s boiler and heating system is kept in optimum condition to reduce the risk of it breaking down between servicing.

With the harsher winter weather on its way, now’s a great time to highlight what you should do.

As a landlord, whether you have a single property or you're more of a ‘professional’ landlord' with multiple properties, you will already be aware of the amount of work it takes to keep those properties fit for purpose, legislation-compliant and making sure they continue to be a source of income with tenants always in place.

The regular monthly rent a landlord receives may well be their primary source of income, or it might serve as an additional income that supplements a full-time wage, or it’s used essentially as a pension plan. Having a regular income is the biggest plus over going all the way and selling a property out right.

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